Why do we help?

I am the Sponsor as well as the Chairman of the Foundation Council. Both functions oblige me to a sharp attitude and behaviour. I have been helping animals since the early 90-ies. Since I have been inspired with this by our dog – Harry. Our earlier activities often faced legal and organizational obstacles. This is due to the fact, that we live in a very bureaucratized world, where a paper is much more important than an action. That’s why I decided to set up a foundation in mid-2017 called “For Harry”. The decision was deliberate and well considered. You will find the genesis of the Foundation’s name in the tab “About us”. We set it up with people having a similar set of beliefs about the world. With people, who are not indifferent to the lot of animals, empathetic and willing to help them selflessly. Monika, Magda, Natalia, Justyna, Kacper, Paweł, Marcin and Szczupak determine the strength of our Foundation. You can learn about each of them on our website. Here, the word “selfless” has a tremendous meaning. We set up the Foundation to help and support, not to bring profits to founders. The sine qua non condition of being Board or Council member is to provide the organization with charitable work for the Foundation. These persons do not get any remuneration. Additionally, as its sponsor, I have committed myself to secure it financially and cover all the administrative expenses.  This is important from the point of view of donors, who will be supporting us – all the financial means transferred to the account of the “For Harry” Foundation are totally intended for helping animals.

The essence of aiding has been described on a multitude of pages. For me, helping in itself is the most important. When you share your time, your money or your work full of self-sacrifice. Who or what you help is less significant. Some come to help starving children in Africa, the others aid in the treatment of people affected by serious diseases, support single mothers and fathers, save oceans and forest against extinction, collect parcels for  people in need during feast days. I have great respect to all these people, because not to be indifferent is the key matter. Helping and sharing is the substance of life on planet earth. It is the more important at present times full of hatred, violence, brutality, hostility, moral insensitivity and lack of empathy.

For me, no matter your skin colour, the religion you profess, which political orientation you are from nor your sexual preference. The most important is  “not to do to others what you would not like them to do to you” and to set the world around to rights, even in a partial way.

Unfortunately, it is the human who is the largest pest on the earth. No other species has brought about such a destruction of the fauna and flora. We litter lands, on which we all live,  we stuff oceans with plastics and rivers and lakes with chemicals, we pollute the air we all breathe. Probably few people know, that at the Humboldt University in Berlin every 19 minutes a bell rings to announce the extinction of another species on Earth. Is this the way the creator meant when speaking about subduing the earth in the Book of Genesis? The interpretation of this transcript made by the mighty of the world is full of hypocrisy and cynicism. Would a good ruler and Lord – as He is called by humans – like His subject to suffer and die, often in a cruel manner? Would it not be better to take care of the environment and of all the living creatures, to live together with them in a natural equilibrium and in concordance with our own conscience? I heard many times, that our work is tilting at windmills – “Why save this or another animal when thousands of them die in the street, in the slaughterhouse or in the retreat of a farm in the countryside?”. When replying to this, I must get back to the dark side of our contemporary history, i.e. the WW2. Did people, who were saving single persons from deadly transits heading to concentration camps, fight a losing battle? Or they rather showed they did not accept that world order? Helping and saving someone else’s lives was their sense of moral duty. It is crucial that they managed to save a few among thousands. And this is my subjective, personal comparison to what we do as for saving animals. They will not protect themselves on their own, without our help. Every single saved animal is a part of our humanity. So, do not condemn, hate nor envy. If you do not feel it, do not help. If you want to join us – we  are waiting for you with open arms. You will find information on how to co-operate with us on the tab “How to help”. Do help! Because it is worth it.The “For Harry” Foundation – help animals!

Mariusz Goetze – Chairman of the Foundation Council, Sponsor

About us

Our Foundation took its name from the name of a dog. He was adopted from an animal shelter in 1993. Actually, it was him who chose us. He taught us to be empathic towards animals, showed what real absolute love, dedication and fidelity till the end meant. He opened a lot of human hearts to the animal world. One day, He brought along a homeless she-dog Kaya and that is how a never-ending time in our life began…


Neither members of the Foundation Council nor members of the Board get remuneration in any form because of their position or for the work they provide to the Foundation. We do this job out of the kindness of our heart, through empathy and from the willingness to change the world surrounding us. 100% of financial means transferred by donors are earmarked for  the support of animals. This is feasible, because the Foundation’s sponsor covers all the administrative costs of its overall activity. Today, several dozen of animals are in the Foundation’s constant care: horses, donkeys, dogs, cats and goats. Our Foundation runs a dog shelter in Swidnik (Central-Eastern Poland), a shelter for large animals like horses and donkeys in Brzozowka (Eastern Poland), a shelter in Warsaw (capital city) for donkeys, ponies, dogs, cats and hens as well as a transitory house for small animals in Jablonowiec (Central Poland).

They look for home

Puppies found in a drainage ditch are now more than 3-week old. They are 5, 2 she-dogs and 3 dogs. One of the she-puppies is diseased, she does not have a chance for adoption, therefore she will stay with us. Please help us find new, wonderful homes for these lovely little creatures. They are based in Warsaw at the moment.

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